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Hi All,

I cleared SCDJWS 5.0 with over 80% …

I am thinking of preparing a study guide with sample questions for the exam since this exam does not have a dedicated guide.

Lets see if I am able to find out some time !!!



  1. Hey,

    I am ready to buy sample questions .When will u be ready with it and how will u pass it on to me.

    • I am not quite ready with the questions.Just started preparing them. I will be taking some session here at my city and depending on feedback would go ahead.

      Let me see the number of people ready for buying the material, making these take a hell lot of time and efforts .But may in a week or so I would be ready with questions database.

  2. I am ready for that! And just impatient:)

  3. You want the notes or the sample quiz ?

  4. I would be very interested in the sample questions. please let me know as soon as you have them. Thanks

  5. Both if possible?

  6. Where are you from ? US ?

  7. No, France.

  8. Even I am interested for the Guide and Questions . Please let me know when it can be given.

  9. I am interested in sample questions and guide.

  10. Yes Kumar,

    I am in process of creating a Quiz and have done some objectives. Will be out soon with the quiz.

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